Why did Imam Khomeini say, "Let all your shouts and cries out on US"?

Why did Imam Khomeini say, "Let all your shouts and cries out on US"?

That logic is the fact that American policy is based on greed and transgression. American history is a manifestation of this during the 250 years that have passed from its life. Of course, in the beginning of its history, this existed to a lesser degree, but since a hundred years ago or a little time before that, this has been witnessed very clearly. The general policy of America is to ensure his domestic security through transgressing against other countries and occupying as many “zones of influence” as he can. This is how they are acting. This is their policy.

They implemented this policy in West Asia region. They implemented it in Iran during the time of taghut and they implemented it in our neighboring countries as well. They had great rivalry with the former Soviet Union. There was a tug of war between America and the Soviet Union. So, Iran was their zone of influence. The slightest negligence after the victory of the Revolution would have helped the enemy whom we had kicked out of the door to enter through the window. However, Imam (r.a.) did not allow this to happen and he prevented it.

From the very first days, they prepared the ground for delivering a big blow to the people of Iran. In other words, they offered refuge to Mohammad Reza in America so that they could keep him, prepare the ground for other plots, strengthen his agents in the country with him at the top of the system and repeat what they did on the 28th of Mordad of 1332 – twenty five years before that time. On the 28th of Mordad, Mohammad Reza ran away from Iran. However, the English and the Americans joined hands and came inside the country secretly. Later on, they used different embassies, they hid somewhere, they equipped and prepared their agents, they used the negligence that the people of those days had shown and they returned Mohammad Reza again. It was that returning that put an albatross around the people’s neck and created a disastrous situation for them. They wanted to do that again, but Imam (r.a.) prevented it. He blocked their path. He awakened the people of Iran and the people of Iran woke up

When he said, “Let out all your shouts and cries on America” this means defending values, not only defending values particular to Muslims, but also defending all human values. Today, as the Americans themselves acknowledge, the U.S. government and the U.S. system have drifted miles away from human values.

Human values have been trampled upon in that country[U.S.]. There is discrimination, differentiation, racism and annihilation of human rights in America. When you shout, “Death to America” and when Imam (r.a.) said, “Let out all your shouts and cries on America” this means death to all these things. It was because of these things that Imam (r.a.) said, “Let out all your shouts and cries on America.”

Statements made at a meeting with thousands of university and secondary school students on Nov 2, 2016

(Source: khamenei.ir)

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