The first line of Neauphle-le-Château congregation pray and the complaint of some individuals regarding occupation of their place/ what was Imam's response to them?

The first line of Neauphle-le-Château congregation pray and the complaint of some individuals regarding occupation of their place/ what was Imam's response to them?

Through DR. Yazdi's guidance some scientific people had sat in the first line of the congregation and were waiting for Imam's entrance. Some of the brothers who frequently behind Imam in the first line proceeded to pray saw that their usual place was occupied and they complained to one of those who was responsible about that issue.

It used to happen sometimes that some of the brothers misinterpreted a tactical and advertising move and they caused disagreements or even indignations.

For example in one day when some television cameras had gotten ready to record Imam's congregation pray we asked some Iranian scientific, famous and Muslim personalities who in their academic environments of their country were famous and in the meantime were at the service of Imam, his path and the revolution's goals and were getting ready to proceed with the congregation pray to stand in the first line beside and close to Imam so that it would not be said that his followers are those of the alleys and streets and are special clergies and university intellectuals have not joined him. Particularly in those media there were talks about scientists and centrist authorities and they opposed Imam's path and view. It is evident that that offer has been an advertising technique and it had been put forward with the intention of neutralizing media naughtiness. When along with Dr. Yazdi's guidance those scientific figures for that purpose sat in the first line of the congregation and were waiting for Imam's entrance some of the brothers who frequently proceeded to pray in the first line and behind Imam say that their usual place was occupied; and they complained to one of those who were responsible and they said that a particular individual who was close to Imam and according to him he himself and his organization did not have much relevance to the clergy and may even oppose theologians seeks to create division between Imam and the clergy. That kind of oversimplification and feeling doubtful brought much suffering.

Such issues in those last days prevailed more. I told Imam that issue and also the factional conflicts of those groups. When Imam after when the Shah went under the garden's tent had a talk he discussed that point and said:

Unity of expression, to be like God have given you that victory until now. Protect that unity of words. Put aside playing with parties. Put aside playing with fronts. Put aside that theologian and that one that attends a university; God knows that that will make you have a loss; each one will give you a blow. In a foreign land one sees that there are different fronts. That individual tells that individual what is he or she doing? Mr. put that aside. If you are a Muslim being a Muslim requires that you put it aside; if you are a nationalist being a nationalist requires that you do that; if you are rational wisdom requires that. I believe that others made them. Others made them to scatter us from each other. Put aside those subjects. Unite. All of you unite. Have unity of words and if they get that basis of unity of words from you you should know that you will be defeated. (Sahifeh ye- Imam; volume 5, pp. 515-516).”

 Imam mentioned that issue in a message for the people who were invited for the walking tour in the Arbaeen day (22 days later) and told them to avoid any kind of convulsion regarding the walking tour in that day. That walking tour had a magnificence like that of Tasua and Ashura ceremonies in the entire country although in some cities including Najafabad, Sabzevar, Kermanshah, Masjedsoleyman. When the army's mercenaries attacked and that was with respect to the Bakhtiar government's order hundreds of people were killed.

In the afternoon of that day Imam was informed that hundreds of officers and Bandar Abbas air base and also officers and non-commissioned officers of Hamadan air base through issuing separate resolutions swore allegiance with Imam and the revolution and they had a walking tour and went on a strike. In the reports of the top brasses of the army for the chief headquarters and also for the country's national security council every day more than before concerning the escape of soldiers and disobeying the senior ones’ command and shaking of the lines of the military personnel there has been an expression of being worried.

A section of the book political and social memories of Dr. Sadegh tabatabaee; volume 3, p. 189 and pp. 192-193; third edition (1392); publisher; Oruj printing and publishing.

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