Dancing to the Beloved's abode I have come,

Joyfully in search of the Tar's melody I have come.

The whole life's issue is worth waiting for your petty glance,

For that petty glance with a bawling heart I have come.

The wine from your delicate hand in this spring,

The soul is enlivening, that's why in this season I have come.

Where has the minstrel of love gone in this joyful time,

As for the sake of his jolliness intoxicated I have come.

Open the door of the tavern as from the lover's abattoir,

In desire of that tulip-figured I have come.

I tore the pretentious garment to be released from the snare of calamity,

I was released, then in search of the Beloved I have come.

For watching the purity of your face oh! the heart's Ka‘bah,

For the purity behind and towards the city of the Beloved I have come.

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