Wherever I went from you I heard nothing,

I saw merely idol and the idol temple, I saw no other trace.

The world is full of clamour but of you never anything,

With my own deaf ears any sound was heard never.

The world is all the sea of life and poor me,

I did not taste a drop of this roaring wave.

The companions went towards the destination,

I was not able to keep up with them with the chattle of lighting.

This worn-out patched garment, they left and went,

I happily put on this cloak and was happy about the, covering.

The savant worriedly crossed the bridge and again,

Backwards the bridge after the straws I kept on running.

The birds all broke their cages and flew away,

Trapping in the cage, I started weaving web round myself.

Oh God is it possible that one day rivals,

I see myself among the rivals out of this decayed nest.

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