In this valley, a sage I am looking for,

I have lost the way, a guid I am looking for,

Of the torn paper of mysticism there is no news,

Of the rogue's hidden place some news I am looking for.

There was no use of the patched garment, praye-rug and the position,

Of the rose-garden of her visage some fruit I am looking for.

There is no safety in this safe land,

In this safety land for a tree I am looking.

I left the tavern, idol-temple, and mosque,

Along the path of the love of your face, I am looking for a passerby.

I proceed a journey from nothingness towards everything,

I am treading the path step by step and looking for a companion.

You had said the love way is a dangerous way,

I'm in love that's why I'm looking for a dangerous way.

Within this ancient monastery my wings and feathers were scattered,

For my own shelter, wings and feathers I am looking for.

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