I am in love with your face, leave the heart of mine,

I swear by God that only your face and nothing else solves my problem.

Your abode's love, has been kneaded with creation of us,

The love of your face has been mingled with the water and clay of mine.

There is nothing in our gathering but to remember you,

We wish for nothing but to reach you.

Tear out the curtain of rays between you and me,

So that your moon-like face appears in the heart of mine,

Appear upon the mountain of my heart of dear beloved,

So as to be enlivened like Moses the ignorant heart of mine.

His features is manifested in both worlds overally,

So as to make vain all the idle life of mine.

The world is the sea wave, there is no coast, no sea,

A drop of the sorrow of your sea became the coast of mine.

As the Khalīl of the world has overshadowed the sun and the moon,

The beloved’s appearance isn't like me and my demise.

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