Mosques played greater role in victory of Islamic Revolution under Imam Khomeini leadership

Mosques played greater role in victory of Islamic Revolution under Imam Khomeini leadership

With the victory of the Islamic Revolution under the leadership of Imam Khomeini, mosques, as in the early days of Islam, gained their true position.

The youth active in the mosques participated directly in the revolution and the active participation of the people from various walks boosted the victory of the Islamic Revlution under the wise leadership of Imam. 

 At the sensitive juncture of the history when the Islamic movement did not have any organization in, mosques were able to compensate for this important shortcoming and played greater role in uniting the people

Therefore, Imam Khomeini advocated that the clerics should go out from the mosque to a broad community. They not only love the religion, but also love the country and people.

Mosques in Iran are not only substantial, but also have an evenly developed attraction based in the holy city and the capital to cities and villages around the nation, and form a mosque network.

Therefore, the reason that Imam Khomeini could overthrow the Pahlavi government and establish the Islamic theocratic government was that he called on mosques to unite the mass public at home and abroad:

In 1963, in the name of land reform, Pahlavi deprived a number of the mosque's land holdings, which 52 violated the religious interests and led the revolutionary struggle against the White Revolution.

In March 1963, Imam Khomeini gave a speech in a Qom mosque to mobilize support against the then Shah regime actions

It is worth mentioning that the exiled Imam Khomeini was busy teaching, writing, giving speeches and statements and paying close attention to political developments in Iran to support and guide people, to establish contacts with the Iranian students in Europe and meet with the Palestinian delegation as well as engaging in theoretical research.

Mosque played an important role in conveying Imam’s message throughout the country. Islamic Revolution emerged victorious in 1979 under wise leadership of Imam Khomeini.

Some of Imam’s statements regarding importance of mosques come as following:

In Islam and at the advent of Islam, the mosque has always been the center of Islamic movements and uprisings.

(Sahifeh-ye-Imam, Vol.7, page 57)  

Islamic emancipation would begin from the mosque; and the movement of the Islamic forces for the suppression of the infidels and bringing them under the flag of Islam would begin from the mosque.

Sahifeh-ye-Imam, Vol.7, page 57  

You, who are from the residents and scholars of the mosque, must follow in the footsteps of the prophet of Islam, and must place the mosque in the service of the propagation of Islam and the Islamic movement, and for the amputation of the hands of the infidels and the polytheists and in favor of the oppressed in relation to the arrogant.

Sahifeh-ye-Imam, Vol.7, page 57

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