Pakistani prime minister says Imam Khomeini has been role-model

Pakistani prime minister says Imam Khomeini has been role-model

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan during a recent speech in the capital Islamabad has praised Imam Khomeini as a great and unique leader.

 "His resistance against the authoritarian regime of the time, led to his exile, " the premier said.  

"The great leader of Iran never had a luxurious life or ceremonial actions, but he returned to his homeland with a simple life and with the love and affection of the Iranian people, he added. 

Addressing the politicians and elites, Khan stressed that the personality of the great founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran is not comparable to any other person or leader.

After the passing of Imam simplicity of life; a person who had no interest in a luxurious life and instead followed footsteps of the holy prophet of Islam and had a way of governing according to Islamic values, he stated.

Imam Khomeini stood up against the Shah of Iran; Now look at the funeral of Imam Khomeini, which was attended by millions of people; Why do you think this happened? Because Imam Khomeini, contrary to the Shah's behavior, turned the palaces of his residence into a museum and adopted a simple life.

If a person lives for himself, no matter how rich he is, he will not remember his history; he added.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Khan said  that his government will continue its unequivocal fight against corruption and will never give in to corrupt people and those accused of large-scale embezzlement cases.

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