Imam Khomeini reminded Muslim ummah about divine characters of the holy prophet, his infallible successors

Imam Khomeini reminded Muslim ummah about divine characters of the holy prophet, his infallible successors

The 28th day of the month of Safar (the second month in the lunar Hijri calendar) marks the passing away of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as well as the martyrdom of Imam Hassan (AS), the second Shia Imam.

This year, the sad occasion fell on Saturday, October 16.

The martyrdom anniversary of Imam Reza (AS), the eighth Imam of Shias who was martyred on the last day of the month of Safar, will also be mourned by Shia Muslims around the world on Monday.

  Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic used such occasions to remind the Muslim ummah about divine characters of the holy prophet of Islam and his infallible successors.

On the Sad and Mourning occasion of the passing away anniversary of Holy Prophet of Islam Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa, and martyrdom of two of his infallible successors Imam Hasan Mujtaba, and Imam Reza (peace be upon them) we extend our Heartfelt Grief and Condolences to Muslim Ummah and all the followers of the Holy Ahlul Bayt across the world.

Imam Khomeini through his historic messages, speeches and works frequently invited the world community to follow footsteps of the holy prophet of Islam and his infallible successors to attain prosperity in this world and salvation hereafter. 

The greatest messenger to mankind passed away at the age of 63, after preaching for 23 years the message of  peace, harmony, healthy way of life and submission to none but God the Almighty creator.

The holy prophet of Islam left behind the "Thaqalayn" (the holy Qur'an and his pure progeny) for the guidance of the Muslims and the whole world.

The founder of the Islamic revolution praised historical role of Imam Hassan (PBUH), the grandson of the holy prophet of Islam in uniting the Muslim community and securing pure genuine Islamic teachings at very sensitive juncture of history. He underscored the role of Imam Hassan (PBUH) for the cause of Islam and efforts which were made by him for the unity of masses at that time.

Imam Khomeini also recommended for preachers and those responsible for holding mourning ceremonies and religious gatherings during this period to make their intentions pure and grab the attentions of the youth towards the real message of the Islam.

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