Physical world in spite of its vastness is so limited and narrow, Imam Khomeini explained

Physical world in spite of its vastness is so limited and narrow, Imam Khomeini explained

Imam Khomeini through his theological works explained that This physical world in spite of its vastness is so limited and narrow that we cannot imagine a heavenly hour with our this-worldly vision.

Imam Khomeini in his famous book of "an exposition on Forty Hadith" exaplians as followig:   

Our vision does not possess enough power to behold the magnificence of that world, which has been described in the speeches of the holy prophets of God, especially in the all-embracing revelations of the Khatim al-nabiyyin (Seal of the prophets), who perceived those truths through Divine revelations, saw them, heard them, and then asked us to acquire them.

And we, like recalcitrant children, disobey the commands of the wise, and even do not pay heed to the dictates of our own reason, always being more than ready to oppose the Divinely guided ones.

And those sanctified pious souls, out of the love and kindness that they possessed for the creatures of God, did never fall short of their duty, did never appeal to our meaner and baser faculties by bribing them to attract us towards heaven and felicity; they never tried to make us yield through intimidation or force.

They did not either demand any remuneration or reward for the services they rendered, Imam further explained. 

The remuneration asked by the Prophet (S) (مَوَدَّةُ ذِي القُرْبَى) —kindness for his kinsfolk—, which is not really a payment for his services, is also meant for our own benefit, being the brightest of our achievements in the next world. Our sense of indebtedness to them in fact serves ourselves and we are benefited more from it than they are.

How are they benefited by the righteous acts of poor beings like us?

In what way will our sincerity and obedience do them any good? In what way do you and I consider our humble selves benefactors of the guides of the Ummah, from an ordinary faqih to the great Prophet (S) and God Almighty? All of them have in their own right fulfilled their function of guiding us and showing the right path, for which we are indebted to them and even a fraction of it we cannot pay back in this world.

Nothing of this world is worthy of the repayment of their debt:

It is to God, His Prophet (S), and His saints to whom all owe gratitude.

As God Almighty has said:

Say: Deem not your surrender a favor unto me; nay, but Allah does confer a favor on you, inasmuch as He hath led you to the faith, if ye are earnest. Lo. Allah knows the Unseen of the heavens and the earth. And Allah is Seer of what you do. (49:17-18)

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