Imam Khomeini  devoted his entire life to boost Islamic unity

Imam Khomeini devoted his entire life to boost Islamic unity

Minister for Religious Affairs of Pakistan’s Punjab province has said the founder of the Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeini in Islamic countries devoted his entire life to Islamic unity and the fight against arrogance.

Pir Syed Saeed ul Hassan expressed these views during a meeting with Director of Iran’s Culture Center in Lahore Jafar Ronas.

He mentioned the Islamic Republic of Iran as a great country with excellent capacities in all fields and said: "I have good memories of those days during my trip to Iran two years ago."

He pointed out that the Islamic Republic of Iran continues to play an important role in the unity of the Islamic Ummah by continuing the path of Imam Khomeini.

The minieter praising the role of the Islamic Republic of Iran in forgoing unity among Muslim Ummah says cohesion and empathy among Muslim nations is the only way to fight common challenges.

"Islamic unity and cohesion is the only way out of the problems faced by Muslim Ummah," he said.

Director Iran’s Culture Center Jafar Ronas during the meeting emphasized the importance of religious, cultural, and civilizational commonalities between the two Islamic countries of Iran and Pakistan.

He said relations between the two neighboring countries and Muslims have been linked over the past decades based on religious beliefs and cultural commonalities.

Referring to the important role of Muslims in Pakistan in protecting religious values and countering the evil project of Islamophobia led by the West, he said in recent years, the Muslim people of Pakistan, while consciously playing a role in thwarting some movements of the enemies of Islam have intensified unity in the country.

Ronas further called for more cooperation between Iran’s Culture Center and Punjab Ministry for Religious Affairs in launching joint programs in the field of Islamic unity, research activities on Islamic sites in Punjab, and joint holding of Quranic exhibitions and competitions.

The Pakistani politician termed the plots and plans of the arrogant powers and the enemies of Muslims a great challenge for the Islamic world and said the only way out of these divisive and anti-Islamic actions is unity and solidarity between Islamic countries and avoiding differences.

Pir Syed Saeed ul Hassan added "we believe that without devotion and belief in the Ahl al-Bayt, the faith of any Muslim will not be complete", noting that the Pakistani Shiites and Sunnis visit the holy shrines in Iran and Iraq.

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