Imam advised Muslims to sacrifice themselves for Islam

Imam advised Muslims to sacrifice themselves for Islam

According to Imam Khomeini, from this moment on, develop and raise this point in your heart, that I must be an armed soldier of Islam, and sacrifice myself for Islam.

I must work for Islam until I am destroyed. Do not make excuse for yourself that today is inappropriate. Try to be useful for the future of Islam. In short, become a human being! The colonialists are afraid of human beings.

They are afraid of man. The colonialists, who want to plunder all we have, will not allow the training of human beings in religious and scholarly universities.

They are afraid of man.

If a man is found in a country, it bothers them, and endangers their interests.

It is your duty to make something of yourselves, to become perfect men, and to stand up against the vicious plans of the enemies of Islam.

If you are not organized and prepared, of you do not resist and combat the lashes which whip the body of Islam every day, not only will you yourselves be destroyed, but also the precepts and laws of Islam will be annihilated, and you will be responsible.

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