Imam Khomeini stressed need to acquire nobility of character

Imam Khomeini stressed need to acquire nobility of character

Imam Khomeini through his theological works advised the faithful figures to try to reform and refine themselves before they enter among the people.

According to Imam, every step forward which you take in the acquisition of knowledge should be matched by a step taken to beat down the desires of the soul, to strengthen one’s spiritual powers, to acquire nobility of character, and to gain spirituality and piety (taqwa).

Imam stressed that if you do not have a pure intention of approaching God, these sciences will be of no benefit at all.

You should refine yourselves, so that when you leave the seminary and become the leader of a people in a city or district, they may profit from you, take advice from you, and reform themselves.

If due to your actions, deeds and unfair behavior, one person looses his way and leaves Islam, you would be guilty of the greatest of the major sins

God forbid that before a person develops himself, that people should pay heed to him, that he should become a personality and have influence among the people, causing him to loose his soul.

Before you loose hold of the reins of your self, develop and reform yourself!

Adorn yourselves with good traits, and remove your vices! Be sincere in your lessons and discussions, so that you may approach God!

If one does not have good intentions, one will be kept far from the divine precincts.

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Establish some order and discipline in the seminaries.

With love of self and position, with arrogance and pride, you cannot mount any resistance, Imam further explained. 

An evil scholar, a scholar who inclines toward the world, a scholar who thinks of preserving his position and administrative post, will not be able to combat the enemies of Islam.

Take a step for the sake of God. Dispel the love of the world from your heart. Then you will be able to engage in combat.

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