Imam Khomeini's hints about Quranic exegesis

Imam Khomeini's hints about Quranic exegesis

Imam in his theological works explains It should be known that tafsir (exegesis) of this blessed Sarah and that of the beginning verses of Surat al-Hadid is beyond the capacity of the likes of us, and, in fact, outside the scope of the present discourse.

Imam explains the matter in his famous book "Forty Hadith" as following:

To be just, how could it be permissible for the likes of me to embark upon the exegesis of something which God, the Exalted, has sent down for persons of profound thinking and for the veritable ‘ulama? And Hadrat Baqir al-’Ulum (as mentioned in al-Tafsir al-burhan) after divulging some of the secrets relating to the letters of the blessed word ‘al-samad,’ said, “Had I found anyone who could bear the knowledge that God has bestowed upon me, I would have propagated tawhid, islam, iman, din and sharayi ‘ through al-samad.”

The great philosopher Sadr al-Muta’allihin says concerning the verses of Surat al-Tawhid, “You should know that each of these six verses referred to in the hadith constitutes a great door to the knowledge of tawhid and Divinity, and comprises a well-established matter from among the principles of samadiyyat and rububiyyat (lordship), Imam further explained.

And were time to provide opportunity and assistance to a divine gnostic or sage that has acquired his knowledge from the niche of Muhammadan prophethood  and who has derived his wisdom from the traditions of the Household of Infallibility and Purity truly, it would befit him, and these verses, to fill a big volume, or several of them, with exegesis of each of them.”

In any case, the likes of this authors are not champions of this field, but as it is not reasonable to abandon what is feasible for the infeasible, we shall briefly mention some hints out of what we have learned from our great teachers, from the books of the people of gnosis, and from the radiant niche of guidance of the Household of Infallibility, and all guidance comes from God.

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