Lebanese academics recall Iran's 1979 Revolution

Lebanese academics recall Iran's 1979 Revolution

Forty-three years have passed since Imam Khomeini, whose charisma remains a sacred trait for many, stepped out of a plane arriving in Tehran from Paris to declare the victory of an unprecedented revolution in modern times.

Many in Lebanon and the region recall the moment which they say changed the future of Iran and the world. Former Lebanon ambassador to Tehran explains how the Shah had been a supporter of normalization of ties with the Israeli occupation, but Imam Khomeini’s support for the Palestinian Resistance changed the course of history.

Dalal Abass, professor of Arabic and Persian literature who lived in Iran at the time of the revolution, tells Press TV that those who were religious were drawn to the Revolution and those who were not religious were amazed at the change Imam Khomeini made.

The Shah had enforced a media blackout, but she saw the protests and the aggressive policies of the Pahlavi forces. Those who remember the Islamic Revolution of 1979 in Iran say Imam Khomeini’s endeavor both changed people’s perspective on Islam, as a governing principle, and gave hope to all those, who were seeking freedom from imperial hegemony in the region.

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