Imam Khomeini warned against pursuing selfish desires

Imam Khomeini warned against pursuing selfish desires

Imam Khomeini explained that someone who pursues selfish desires and who is obedient to Satan gradually turns the color of Satan.

Imam explains how believers and faithful people can get rid of moral decline during the blessed fasting month of Ramadan. He sheds light on the matter as follwoing: 

You should decide at least in this month to control yourselves and to avoid speech and behavior which displeases God, the Supreme. Right now in this very session make a covenant with God that during the blessed month of Ramadan you will avoid backbiting, slander and speaking ill of others.

Bring your tongue, eyes, hands, ears, and other organs and limbs under your control. Manage your deeds and your words. It is possible that this same worthy deed will result in God’s paying attention to you and blessing you. After the month of fasting, when the satans are released from their chains, you will have been reformed, and you will no longer listen to the lies of Satan, and you will refine yourselves.

I repeat, decide during these thirty days of the blessed month of Ramadan to control your tongue, eyes, ears, and all your organs and limbs, and pay constant attention to the judgment of the shari‘ah about the works you intend to do, and the words you intend to speak and the subject you intend to listen to. This is the elementary and outward manner of keeping a fast. At least keep to this outward manner of fasting!

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If you observe that someone is about to backbite, prevent him and say to him that we have made a covenant that during these thirty days of Ramadan to keep ourselves from prohibited affairs. And if you are not able to keep him from backbiting, leave that session. Do not just sit there and listen. The Muslims must be safe from you, Imam further explains. 

Someone from whose hands, tongue and eyes other Muslims are not safe is not truly a Muslim, although he may be outwardly and formally a Muslim who has formally proclaimed: “La ilaha illallah” (There is no god but Allah). If, God forbid, you want to offend somebody, to slander them or to backbite, you should know that you are in the presence of the Lord; you are to be the guest of God the Almighty, and in the presence of God.

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