Iran censures 'world’s regrettable silence' on Israeli assault on Gaza

Iran censures 'world’s regrettable silence' on Israeli assault on Gaza

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman has sharply criticized the latest Israeli regime's deadly airstrikes in Gaza, saying the international community’s inaction and silence about the illegal entity’s crimes against the Palestinians is "regrettable".

Nasser Kan'ani made the remarks in a post on his Twitter account on Sunday as Israeli jets continue to shell the coastal enclave for the third day, leaving 34 dead and more than 200 wounded.

Attaching to his tweet several photos of the victims of the latest Israeli aggression against the Palestinians he wrote that “These are examples of the Zionist apartheid regime targets in its recent attacks on Gaza. The silence of the international community and human rights advocates against the crimes of the Zionists in Gaza is deplorable and regrettable.” 

“Interestingly, the US State Department has reaffirmed its “full support” for Israel's right to defend itself,” he stated.

He also wrote about a five-year-old girl killed in the Israeli airstrikes on Gaza, saying, “Alaa Qaddoum, a five-year-old girl living in the Shujaiya neighborhood east of Gaza, is just one of the martyred children [killed in] the ongoing attacks of the Israeli apartheid regime against Gaza.”

he added that “It is regrettable that the fake human rights activists support the occupation regime's daily crimes against the people of an occupied country under the title of ‘self-defense’.”

Tensions have soared across the coastal enclave and the occupied territories since Friday, when the Israeli regime carried out a massacre against the Gaza Strip, killing scores of people and hitting a series of what it said were military targets.

At least six children were killed in a blast in a residential area near the Jabaliya refugee camp north of the Gaza Strip on Saturday bringing the tally of children killed since Friday to eight.

Second Islamic Jihad commander, eight children killed in Israel’s latest assault on Gaza

Palestinian authorities said that 650 housing units have been damaged in the first 24 hours of the Israeli onslaught on Gaza, which has targeted several residential towers.

Israel stopped the planned transport of fuel into Gaza before it struck on Friday, crippling the territory's lone power plant and reducing electricity to around eight hours per day, and drawing warnings from health officials that hospitals would be severely impacted within days.

In response to the brutal Israeli airstrikes, Palestinian resistance forces fired more than 400 rockets at Israel, setting off air raid sirens and sending settlers running to bomb shelters.

The Islamic Jihad called the retaliatory barrage only an “initial response” to the Israeli bloodbath, with the Palestinian resistance movement's Secretary General Ziad al-Nakhalah saying the Israeli enemy must expect a "non-stop" confrontation in the wake of the aggression.

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