Imam Khomeini's interview in holy city of Najaf despite restrictions

Imam Khomeini's interview in holy city of Najaf despite restrictions

Imam Khomeini's supporters managed for international media to conduct interview with him at difficult juncture of history when Imam's house subject to severe restriction during exile in the holy city of Najaf.

The interviews with media outlets were coordinated in very tough circumstances and took place at a time when the then Iraqi regime had imposed strict restriction on ways leading to Imam's residence in Najaf. 

The security agents and forces were deployed in streets leading to Imam's house. But Imam's supporters had been successful in managing Imam's interviews with regional and international media. 

During interviews, Imam Khomeini, the world religious and spiritual leader had highlighted reasons for his opposition toward the foreign-installed puppet Pahlavi regime

Imam told the reporters that he had explained his arguments for his opposition to the Shah regime in several declarations and interviews over the past years.

The Shah regime was installed by foreigners and they have been imposing their wrong notions and policies against the Iranian public and masses, the great imam said during his stay on the suburbs of the French capital Paris.

The great Imam Khomeini had further stressed that the Pahlavi regime was accountable for keeping the country backward in several arenas and fields of life.

Imam Khomeini also said that the Shah regime was absolute monarchy and had held no presidential, parliamentary or local body council election over nearly past five decades.

Commenting on the complicated situation of the country, Imam said that the Pahalavi regime has had failed to adopt independence economic, cultural and political policies.

They have destructed several fields including agriculture and damaged institutional structures, the great Imam noted.

Imam concluded that if Pahlavi regime continues to rule for some more years, people will be plunged into absolute poverty and misery.

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