Iranians begin nationwide rallies against Global Arrogance

Iranians begin nationwide rallies against Global Arrogance

Iranians from all walks of life have taken to the streets across the country to mark the anniversary of the US embassy takeover, better known as “Den of Espionage”, which is named the National Day against the Global Arrogance.

Protesters are rallying across Iran, including in the capital Tehran. They are chanting slogans, holding banners against the US and the Israeli regime and in support of the Islamic Republic.

The rallies are held in Tehran as well as 900 other cities across the country.

Some 3,500 Iranian and foreign reporters are covering the demonstrations.

The rallies in Tehran began outside the former US embassy on Friday and President Ebrahim Raeisi is set to address the event.

Other programs such as conferences, forums, and art festivals are underway with the main theme of fighting global arrogance.

Less than a year after the victory of the Islamic Revolution that toppled a US-backed monarchy, Iranian university students seized the US embassy in Tehran, which had become a center of espionage, planning to overthrow the newly established Islamic system in Iran.

The students who seized the embassy later published documents proving that the compound was indeed engaged in plans and measures to overthrow the Islamic Republic.

Every year on the 13th day of the Iranian month of Aban, the Iranian nation, particularly the students, holds rallies across the country to mark the day.

This year’s Nov. 4 rallies come amid violent foreign-backed riots in the country which have claimed the lives of dozens of people and security forces.

Iran’s Intelligence Ministry and the Intelligence Organization of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) issued a joint statement on October 28, pointing to the major role of foreign spy agencies, especially the CIA, in orchestrating the violent riots in Iran in the past weeks. 

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