Iran’s Army pledges to confront Global Arrogance, defend Revolution

Iran’s Army pledges to confront Global Arrogance, defend Revolution

The Islamic Republic of Iran’s Army has voiced its readiness to defend the Islamic Revolution and confront threats posed by Global Arrogance as Iranians took to the streets on Friday and staged massive demonstrations against the United States.

In a statement on Friday, the Army said it was ready to “confront the Global Arrogance” in all fields of “defending the Revolution and Establishment.”

November 4 is marked in Iran as the National Day against Global Arrogance. 43 years ago on this day, university students seized the US embassy in Tehran. The embassy had become a center of espionage as it was planning to overthrow the newly established Islamic system in Iran.

The “overt and covert animosity” of the US against the Iranian nation entered a new stage with the victory of the Islamic Revolution, read the statement. “This animosity reached a point when it turned the US embassy into a den of espionage and resorted to any effort to topple the newly-established Islamic Republic.”

The embassy takeover, said the statement, not only destroyed the weak foundations of “criminal America’s spider house” but also informed the world of the determination of the Islamic Revolution to confront Global Arrogance.

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The Army statement pointed to recent riots in Iran as a “hybrid war” waged by enemies against the Iranian nation.

“Today, the White House rulers, in cooperation with their regional allies like the Zionist and Saudi regimes, have launched a hybrid war, with a focus on the warfare of perception, using their media empire against the Iranian nation, not least the youth.”

Enemies are seeking to manipulate public opinion in favor of their “sinister plots,” the statement said. However, that line will never affect the alert Iranian nation, it added.  

Tens of thousands of people in over 900 cities across the Islamic Republic took to the streets on Friday to mark this special day.

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Demonstrators chanted slogans as they carried banners against the US and the Israeli regime, condemning the hostile policies of the Global Arrogance against Iran. Some 3,500 Iranian and foreign reporters covered the event.

This year’s November 4 nationwide demonstrations come amid violent foreign-backed riots in the country which have claimed the lives of dozens of people and members of security forces. Iranian intelligence bodies have already found the footprints of foreign intelligence agencies, led by the CIA, in the riots that erupted following the death of young Iranian woman Mahsa Amini.

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