Such a night I am in the bossom of the shining moon,

From whatever in both worlds exists disinclined I am.

Stop the sun's shining for a while, oh, morning,

That the moon has put its head upon my lap.

Thousand cups of the elixir of life, I had ou of it,

From that lips, but yet like Alexander thursty I am.

Oh God! What mystery has been hidden within love?

That the Beloved has slept in my arm, but disorderly I am.

I don’t know whether it is for the night of union or the dawn of separation,

That like the nightingale singing I am.

If a thousand years pass from this union night,

By its delicate tale the nightingale I am.

Don’t read the tradition of your union night oh! Hindī

As of the eyes of the jealous afraid I am.

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