Holy scripture of Quran has very special place in Imam's dynamic thought

Holy scripture of Quran has very special place in Imam's dynamic thought

Imam Khomeini,the late founder of the Islamic Republic through his theological works points out that the divine scripture can revive hearts and helps attaining eternal life and refinement of the soul and the cultivation of the inner self. 

Also in order to accomplish the divine knowledge and to comprehend the divine teachings, and "to revive the hearts and accomplish the eternal spiritual life, one must escape from all the defects with the guidance of the holy Quran. 

Imam explains the major purpose of the holy scripture of Quran as following:

 "And another of objective of the holy Quran’s contents is the invitation to refinement and purification of the soul from the impurities of nature and the pursuit of happiness and prosperity, and in general, paving the path towards Allah .” (Discipline of prayers, p. 186).  

According to Imam, the happiness and prosperity of all classes and ranks of the human race can inspire from the holy book, despite the fact that human being has different states of hearts, habits, morals, needs and possibilities, it cannot be applied to all in the same way.  

The humans should be invited in a friendly manner and explain the destination to them. And probably people with various tastes and capabilities are interested in the contents and purposes.  

They all can benefit from the Holy Scripture including those whom their hearts fit with fear and warning; and those whom hearts deal with promises and glad tidings.  

Quran on some occasions resorts to the repetition of some subjects which are not boring; rather, every time a subjected is  repeated, more important mystical or moral point and revolves the case around it. (Adab al-Salah, 188-187)  

Imam stresses that Quran purifies the soul and in this way paves the way towards human perfection.


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