International Imam Khomeini Summit to Be Held in London

International Imam Khomeini Summit to Be Held in London

The Islamic Center of England and the Ahlul Bayt Islamic Mission (AIM) are set to organize an annual international summit to mark the 24th departure anniversary of the founder of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini.

The international conference will be held with joint efforts of two organizations on 2nd June 2013 at the Islamic Center of England in the British capital.

Several prominent speakers and religious scholars from around the world will deliver speeches and lectures to highlight the dynamic thoughts and precious legacy of the great spiritual leader of the Muslim world.

The summit will also highlight the role of Imam’s dynamic thought in inspiring the Islamic Awakening and awareness among the Muslim nations.

Several experts believe that Imam raised awareness among the Muslim world and the Muslim nations at a time when the imperialism and communism had divided the world into two blocs.

The great Imam restored identity to the Muslim nations and made the oppressed people realize to play their real role and determine their own destiny. Imam’s dynamic teachings will continue to show path of pure Islam to the next generations during upcoming centuries.


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