An Interview with Mohammad Zanganeh

Dynamic thought of Imam's pupil still guiding generations

An intellectual says that dynamic teachings and thought of Martyr Motahhari, a prominent pupil of Imam, will continue to guide and train the next generations for several coming centuries.

Mohammad Zanganeh, the director of Martyr Motahhari Foundation, made remarks during an interview on the sidelines of an international summit in Tehran.

He noted that the great Imam Khomeini introduced the pure teachings of Islam and confronted the Western imperialism and cruel powers across the globe.

Zanganeh went onto say that this prominent student of Imam had also followed his footsteps and vowed to continue Imam's unique path and stood by him in very difficult circumstances.

Motahhari adopted an inclusive approach to the problems being faced by the Muslim nations and generations. The great Muslim scholar had touched upon a range of topics and issues, he added.

Zanganeh also cited to a grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia who had noted that Motahhari   managed to generate debates and discussed the contemporary issues in details almost fifty years ago.

The intellectual emphasized that the human beings constantly stand in need of fulfilling their spiritual and moral needs. He introduced pure Islamic teachings and complicated concepts in a very simple language.

Someone can easily jump to such a conclusion that the lectures delivered by Motahhari fifty or thirty years ago still continues to show the path of guidance to our young generations. The youth must continue to seek guidance form his pure and dynamic Islamic teachings and lessons, Zanganeh added.

Several of his lectures have been compiled in form of Quranic, spiritual, mystical and philosophical book.

It is worth mentioning that the great Imam had recommended the scholars at universities and seminaries to explore Motahhari works.


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