In every day of wartime we’ve received a blessing: Imam Khomeini

In every day of wartime we’ve received a blessing: Imam Khomeini

September 22 is considered as one of the turning points in the history of the Iranian nation. Nearly four decades ago, Sadaam Hussein, the then Iraqi dictator supported by major Western and regional states, launched the massive military invasion against Iran.

 The Islamic republic system still was an at early stages that an unwanted war was imposed on. Although the beginner of the war was dictator Saddam, the chief to the Iraq’s Bath party, but in fact the world’s power and oppression practitioners and east and west superpowers and other western countries plus fanatic ones of the region were also behind the war and by their kinds of supports such as financial, logistic and weaponry support rose to confront the Islamic revolution.

Just following the victory of the Islamic revolution, domestics problems, improper economic conditions and the state of being in making and renovation of the political and military structure the trespasser and his supporters foresaw fall of the newly established system in less than a week; but we saw that Iranian nation made an eight years – lasting sound resistance against the aggressors and withstood against the world’s tyrants.

The facts that caused cancellation of the aggressors dream and not coming true of their malicious wish of Iran’s defeat and its new born government were the exact factors that caused triumph of the revolution:

Multilateral presence of people in the arena, the unprecedented leadership of Imam Khomeini, and people and our warrior’s religious beliefs [can be listed as those factors].

Among all the above mentioned factors the role of Imam’s leadership who was directly and prudently commanding the war is special and takes lots of studies and researches.

In case of lacking the kind of wise leadership the country that had newly passed a revolution and was challenging kinds of crises of domestics and foreign pressures including embargos and sanctions soon would collapse badly.

Imam Khomeini once said in a historic message in this regard as following: In every day of wartime we’ve received a blessing of which we have taken advantage in every arena.

We have exported our revolution to the world in the imposed war.

We have proved our state of being oppressed and the aggressors’ oppression in the war. In the war we have revealed the hidden face of the world devours, we have known our friends and enemies in the war, in the war we have come to this conclusion that we’ve got to stand on our feet, in the war we have broken the pomposity of the two super powers of east and west, in the war we have secured the roots of our fruitful Islamic revolution, we have fertilised the sense of brotherhood and patriotism in each and every one of our people in the war, in the war we showed to the world and in particular to the region’s people that the powers and super powers can be challenged for many long years.

( Sahifeh ye- Imam, vol. 21,  P. 283)       


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