Israel doesn’t represent Jewish people, Palestinians struggle against occupation

Israel doesn’t represent Jewish people, Palestinians struggle against occupation

The representative of the Hamas movement in Iran Khalid Qadumi has asked the international community that was bombing mosques, schools and hospitals considered self-defense?

He further said that the US-led Western countries constantly emphasize Israel's right to defend itself, but what happening in Gaza right now is genocide.

The Hamas official made remarks during a summit which was held under the title of “The latest development regarding Palestine” in the Iranian capital Tehran on Thursday. The summit was attended by Seyyed Hassan Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic 

The Israelis say this was Promised Land for them. The claim comes despite fact that the Palestinians people have been settled in this land at least for 7-thousand years.

The officials of the Zionist regime rudely tell the Secretary General of the United Nations that you should resign.

The representative of the Zionist regime in the United Nations always uses two tools; First, he tries to deceive the world with his lies, and then, when he fails, he brings a trash can with him and tears up the resolutions of the Security Council and throws them in it

The representative of the Hamas movement in Iran added: Mr. Blinken says that I appeared in the war room as a Jew to defend Israel.

What does this religious narrative of war have to do with diplomacy and international law? Israel does not represent the Jews.                             

The resistance broke myth that Israel remains undefeatable


Israeli military has a budget of 15 billion dollars


The Hamas representative further said that the resistance was able to break the image of Israel's invincibility and thwart and confront the Zionists' strategy of keeping the war away from the main occupied territories. 

The Palestinian resistance prevented them from noticing an attack of a such magnitude despite the fact that the Israeli army has a budget of 15 billion dollars.

Ghadumi said that no one should ask us why the resistance started the attack.

“We are fighting against occupation. During the former administration of president Obama and the current Biden government have condemned the illegal Israeli settlements.

The responsibility for the death of the Americans who were present in these settlements, towns and war zones lies with Biden, he added

The representative of the Hamas movement concluded by saying that the Islamic Revolution of Iran brought about a great change and formed a united front of the global resistance against oppression

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