Gaza people will never defeated in Israeli aggression on Gaza: Nasser Abu Sharif

Gaza people will never defeated in Israeli aggression on Gaza: Nasser Abu Sharif

Nasser Abu Sharif, the representative of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement in Iran, said that Gaza people and the Palestinian resistance will never be defeated in the ongoing Israeli aggression on the besieged Gaza Strip.

But they certainly require support in the shadow of these brutal and hysterical attacks by the Zionists and Western countries.

Referring to the brutal aerial strikes and attacks of the Zionist regime on Gaza, the representative of the Palestinian resistance movement in Iran said but they require the support of the factors and components of resistance.

He made remarks on Thursday at a summit which was held to review the latest development of the ongoing Israeli aggression on the besieged enclave of Gazaa.

The gathering was attended by Seyyed Hassan Khomeini and top seminary and university intellectuals and former officials and people from various walks of life

The speakers at the summit stressed that the Zionist regime has failed at the beginning of the battle. And this should happen at the end of the battle, and this regime should not win, and all efforts should be made in this field.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Islamic Jihad leader said that efforts should be made and focused on the defeat of Israel and this regime should not be the winner of this battle.

“All the potentials, capacities and efforts should be directed in this direction and the issue should not be drawn to other issues or things. The reaal problem here is the Zionist regime and it should be, and this is correct and accurate genuine.

“As I said, the most important thing is that Israel does not achieve victory in this battle and Gaza should not lose in this confrontation.”

He went onto say that Gaza people are facing unusual and unprecedented attacks in Gaza.

More than 13,000 tons of explosives have fallen on the Gaza Strip. With a mathematical thumb calculation, it can be said that forty kilograms of very powerful explosives were used for almost every square meter of the Gaza Strip.

This explosive material is one and a half times the amount of the atomic bomb that was used in Hiroshima and we have seen that amount of bomb that was used in the besieged Gaza Strip.

Abu Sharif considered the goal of the Zionists to be "compensating for Israel's defeat in Gaza" and clarified by saying as following

 “The people of Gaza and the Palestinian resistance will not be defeated in this battle, but surely in the shadow of these brutal and hysterical attacks by the Zionists. The United States and its president Joe Biden himself has announced, considers this battle to be related to its national security and has said that this is not a normal like the Ukraine war. And as a result, America has entered this battle with all its might

The representative of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement in Iran added by stressing that the United States has now sent its ships, soldiers and high-ranking officers to the region, and they are participating in this battle and have even tried to enter the besieged Gaza.

“Therefore, the basic goal and vital is that we should all try to ensure that the Zionist regime and the West do not win in this battle and that this regime faces defeat at all levels.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, Abu Sharif emphasized that the Palestinian people will ultimately emerge as victorious.

We have already defeated the Israeli regime in previous such as in “Sword operation and other confrontation by sacrificing our blood, he stated.

 Our blood will win over the sword of the Zionist regime and I believe that we can defeat the regime with this image and perspective, he noted.

 We have this potential and we saw that Dr. Zarif, the former top Iranian diplomat and his team faced all the great powers and were able to win over them.

“We can achieve victory through our great and privileged teams; In addition, the repercussions of this operation are not only limited to Palestine, and you see that the whole nation is united.

“The Islamic Ummah used to be devastated and powerless from but now we have stood firmly against the Israeli regime,” he added.

But today we see that an unusual popular storm has arisen and we can use and exploit it both in the domestic arena and in the arena of Islamic countries.

It is worthy to mention that now a historic opportunity has arisen. International developments are taking place in an accelerated manner and you naturally understand this more.


He stated that in these developments in the international arena, the Islamic world must be prepared for the transformation,


We must be ready because we do not want to fall into the trap of China from America's evil. China is a country whose policies cannot be understood well,

 “And no one except God knows what they are doing. So we now have to play a role in the heart of the world.”

Due to various events, the world has become full of cruelty. Perhaps now is the time for the coming of the Messiah or the awaited Mahdi (‘a) the savior and truthful successor of the holy prophet of Islam.

He concluded by saying that  we had never seen so much cruelty as we see now in the Israeli aggression. The President of the United States is witnessing images that he has never been seen before. The Israeli aggression on Gaza has witnessed the biggest crimes committed by criminals in the world.

In his closing remarks, Abu Sharif said: Naturally, there is another point that should be highlighted, and that is that the West might be convinced that this regime is a burden on its shoulders.

The burden from the financial, military, economic, moral and human perspectives. This regime is currently a great burden on the shoulders of the West.

The West has given up all its values for this ongoing Israeli aggression on Gaza.

And now, we are witnessing a very obvious collapse of what Westerners and Biden consider to be common values. No human, moral, or even freedom and democracy values can be seen in this war.

“And we are witnessing its complete downfall, and in front of the eyes and ears of the world, we see the falsehood of these claims and so-called Western values.”

 He emphasized that we must prove this to the world. We can do this considering the many potentials and abilities we have in Iran and abroad; let's do and in this way we can bring about clear defeat for the Zionist regime.

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