Israeli bombardment of Gaza exposes Western claims of human rights: Majid Ansari

Israeli bombardment of Gaza exposes Western claims of human rights: Majid Ansari

Hujjat al-Islam Majid Ansar says what is happening right now in the besieged Gaza strip is a full-scale tableau and reflector of Western human rights show claimed and by the United States and its Western allies.

 Majid Ansari, a member of the Expediency Council, said at the made remarks at a summit held to review latest Palestinian and Gaza developments.  

He said Israel was being given an artificial respiration due to imprudence and wrong policies. 

Ansari stated that Imam Khomeini Imam had raised the issue of Palestine in Qom in 1339 AHS. Imam kept giving remarks and reacting to the Palestinian issue, but officially was highlighted in Imam reacted to this issue in 1960s. 

He made remarks at the summit which was held in the presence of Seyyed Hassan Khomeini and organized with the efforts of the institute for compilation and publication of Imam Khomeini.  

 In his remarks, he further said that the symbol of Quds Day created by Imam is a factor Unity in the Muslim world. 

The frequent calls of  Imam and his messages to the elites contain basic points and it is very important to explain them to the new generation and young people.

He went onto say that “the holy path passes through Karbala" is a concept that Imam correctly put forward. 

 Imam raised the Palestinian issue and proposal of sending troops to fight for the liberation of Palestine and emphasized on strengthening the resistance. 

Ansari emphasized that even today, the Palestinian fighters say that their resistance is the result of Imam Khomeini’s school and inspired by the Islamic Revolution. 

Referring to Israel's crimes in Gaza, a member of the expediency Council said that “the resistance's brave operation (al-Aqsa Storm) on Israel was a comprehensive failure of Western version of human rights." 

Gaza is a full-scale show of Western human rights and claims by the United States. 

Biden and others have raced to stand with the Israeli butchers and support the Tel Aviv regime to justify the crimes


Ansari concluded by saying that , While emphasizing the necessity of avoiding some wrong policies of the past, Ansari concluded by saying that we must avoid some actions so that our carelessness does not give artificial respiration to Israel.


 The salvation and rescue of Israel lies in the opening of a new front, and Israel wants to change the place of the oppressed and oppressor.

 Al Jazeera news network should be thanked for breaking the media monopoly of the West and Israel. The false ideas about holocaustization of the Israelis must be defeated

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