Imam's companions rendered unprecedented sacrifices, Revolution brought about dignity, Gaza bombardment exposes Western claims of human values

Imam's companions rendered unprecedented sacrifices, Revolution brought about dignity, Gaza bombardment exposes Western claims of human values

Seyyed Hassan Khomeini addressing a summit has hailed Imam Khomeini's companions who stood by him during tough years of struggle for the Islamic Revolution.

 The grandson of the late founder of the Islamic Republic said that the Imam and emergence of Islamic Revolution under his leadership revived the dignity of Muslims.

Imam used to say that what is dangerous is not oppression, but the acceptance of oppression, he added. 

God willing, Palestine has absolutely rejected the burden of oppression and are resisting aggression.

Seyyed Hassan Khomeini strongly denounced the unconditional support by the United States and other Western countries for the Israeli regime and said:

“What has been buried under the rubble in Palestine during the ongoing Israeli aggression on the besieged Palestinian enclave has exposed lies of the leaders of Europe and America. They had crossed red lines of human values which they were using as a shield for themselves,” Seyyed Hassan Khomeini noted.

“What is witnessed under the rubble in the besieged Gaza Strip is an injustice that should make us all cry.”

The Palestinian nation has become beloved despite the desperate efforts by Israeli regime and their Western backers to humiliate them. 

"What should be revived in a nation is honor and this quality should not be allowed to die. If honor dies in front of the internal ruler, it will also die in front of the foreign enemy. Imam revived "life" and "honor" in the Islamic Ummah."

Elsewhere in his speech, Seyyed Hassan Khomeini hailed the companions and those who had attorney powers by Imam Khomeini and stood by their leader through all thin or thick times during the struggle for the Islamic Revolution.

He emphasized that the self-sacrifice of Imam Khomeini's representative and religious attorneys played a key role to the victory of the revolution.

Sayyid Hassan Khomeini further went onto say that sacrifices of those attorneys should be kept remembered especially those who joined the Imam in very first and difficult days of the struggle. 

Imam stated that the first of Imam's companion's characteristiccs, which is perhaps the most important of them, is "self-sacrifice", and clarified that it had been mentiioned through an article that  Savak, the spy agency of the Shah regime said that there is no permission to pay tuition for the Imam.

Actually during those times, the tuition fee was the link between the authority and the body of the seminary, and it is decided in the Imam's house that this tuition fee will be given in the name of another person.

Following the decesion, Ayatollah Sheikh Hassan Sanei said , we at the time went to Amirza Ahmad Ashtiani and he said that I accept on the condition that the Imam gives me power of attorney.

 “So Self-sacrificing by Imam’s companions have been the secret of the victory of the revolution, that there were people with his leader who had never been trapped in the circle of ego.

Seyyed Hasan Khomeini pointed out that the second attribute of Imam Khomeini's companions and religious lawyers was "courage" and faith’

Recalling the role of Imam’s prominent companions, he said let's remember the late Khatam Yazdi, Rasti Kashani, Duai and Mohtashmi.

They were brave during those days because they knew there was no point of return because at that time it was not clear that the struggle for the revolution would be successful. 

So the courage and fearlessness are the great characteristics of Imam’s companions before the emergence and victory of the Islamic Revolution.

 They stood by Imam during tough days when there were no privileges. The faith had been another characteristic.

The late Motahari used to say that the words of the Imam are beyond our time and ages must pass before its depth can be determined. Today, if the seminary of Qom is undoubtedly the center of Islamic sciences.

 Imam's knowledge had strengthened the foundations of the students' faith, he said

The fourth feature and another characteristic that I must mention is the faith of the students and lawyers in the Imam's piety. They did not consider Imam as an actor and each of them came to this from a different angle.

The late Ayatollah Hashemi once said that “I became a disciple of Imam because his inside was the same as the outside and there was no hypocrisy in his behavior. Believing that if this person speaks only for God, it is very effective in the company of friends.”

He recalled: When the Imam was exiled to Turkey, he said that he has no more regrets; I have trained students who were ready to sacrifice everything.  

His friends were his students. The day when Imam said he wanted to go to Paris, from the point of view of analysis, his end was displacement in Europe;

At the age of 80, he turned to us and said that I will go from airport to airport and fight. Friends believe in this person; They said that this person is not an actor. Those who believed were truly self-confident, God-believing, fearless, brave, and a wide range of them were real strivers.

Seyyed Hassan Khomeini pointed out that another characteristic of Imam's companions is "honor". Humans fall victim to oppression, but there are some who do not accept oppression. The day they took the Imam and took him to Tehran.  

Recalling a series of memoirs about Imam, he said that once Imam was taken to a road and nearby  salt lake, and I was sure that they wanted to kill me, and I turned to myself for a moment to see if I was afraid. I saw that I am not afraid. 

He continued: According to the interpretation of the Supreme Leader, "the metal of existence of some is different from others."

 Some people accept oppression, but in their hearts they justify oppression. But some people who do not accept oppression are dear. What is most dangerous is not oppression, but acceptance of oppression. Our history is filled with those who justified the worst crimes and those who created legends for the Mongols.

 Seyyed Hassan Khomeini stated that  Imam's companions did not give up their struggle even until the pont they were giving the possibility of the Shah's departure. Everyone left and they stayed.

In the final part of his speech, regarding the ongoing Israeli bombardment of the besieged Gaza Strip, he said that  during those days when day the Ottoman government collapsed, a limited number of Zionists were able to take Palestine.

 People who accept Ottoman tyranny also accept Zionist colonialism. A nation stands against oppression that stands against both tyranny and colonialism.

 According to Jamaran reporter, in this conference, Ayatollah Seyyed Kazem Normfidi also said in his speech: Imam is a personality that should be clarified for the Islamic Ummah from different dimensions, which we have not done so yet.

 Seyyed Hassan Khomeini concluded by saying that Imam's personality is comprehensive and it isnot fairto look at Imam from one dimension, and God willing, untill the scholars are alive, his personality will become more and more clera and evident. 

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