Afghan book stall set up in Qom to mark second annual cultural week

Afghan book stall set up in Qom to mark second annual cultural week

A stall has been established in the holy city of Qom to display a variety of items regarding local Afghan culture in the holy city of Qom to mark the second annual Imam Khomeini's cultural week

To mark the week, the Afghanistan Cultural Pavilion was established at Imam’s historic residence in the holy city of Qom by the efforts of the Tebian center which engages in Social Cultural Activities and promoting Imam’s ideals and works.

Photos, magazines, newspapers, books, audio and video clips, handicrafts and traditional foods were among items displayed at the exhibition. Reading book contest and  painting were other activities at the event.

The Tebian social cultural activities center also set up a stall to showcase its cultural and social items

To mark the cultural week, several exhibitions, events and forums have been established in Khomein as well.

In recent days, the leader’s representative, the governor and his deputies in central province, the director general of the affairs of foreign nationals and immigrants, other local officials,  the regional academics and intellectuals from different countries, as well as the public masses  have visited the cultural pavilion.

The second annual cultural week was earlier launched during a ceremony at the residence of the late founder of the Islamic Republic in the historic city of Khomein.

 A range of events, seminars and exhibition were decided to be held with close coordination of the institute for compilation and publication of Imam Khomeini’s works and other organization during the week    

Hojjat al-Islam Dr. Seyyed Hasan Mousavi, head of the Tabyan Cultural and Social Activities Center in the holy city of Qom, also visited the exhibition and stalls. 

A summit and gathering titled the "unity and resistance from the perspective of divine religions with an emphasis on the thought of Imam Khomeini" has also recently been held in birthplace city of the late founder of the Islamic Republic.   A number of activists and thinkers from across Iran and other countries expressed their views and opinions around the theme.

The speakers at the event emphasized that Imam Khomeini’s mission was of divine origin and had been inspired by the holy prophet.

The events are being held at the birth anniversary of Imam Khomeini, which coincided with auspicious birth anniversary of Hazrat Fatima, the beloved daughter of the holy prophet of Islam. 

During the cultural week, special events, sessions, seminars, conferences and gatherings will be held to introduce public masses with Imam Khomeini's messages and dynamic ideals. 

Special financial packages are among other activities organized in order to help the needy people and fulfill their economic needs. 

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