Knowledge must be accompanied by refinement and purification, Imam explained

Knowledge must be accompanied by refinement and purification, Imam explained

Imam Khomeini through his books and works explains that If man does not cast pollution from the core of his soul, not only will whatever studying and learning he does be of no benefit by itself, rather it will actually be harmful.

Imam sheds light on the subject through his famous book “Combat against the self” as following:

However, since his learning was not accompanied by refinement and purification, since he did not advance on the path toward God, and since he did not remove the pollution from himself, he bore the fruit of ignominy.

When evil enters knowledge in this center, the product will be evil, root and branch, an evil tree.

However much these concepts are accumulated in a black impure heart that which covers them will be greater. In a soul which is unrefined, knowledge is a dark cover: 

Al-‘ilm huwa al-hijab al-akbar (Knowledge is the greatest cover). Therefore, the vice of a corrupt ‘alim is greater and more dangerous for Islam than all vices.

Knowledge is light, but in a black corrupt heart it spreads wide the skirts of darkness and blackness.

A knowledge which would draw man closer to God, in a worldly soul brings him far distant from the place of the Almighty.

Even the knowledge of divine unity (tawhid), if it is for anything other than God, it becomes a cover of darkness, for it is a preoccupation with that which is other than God.

Imam futher explained matter by highlighting that those who have constructed [their own] religions, causing the straying and deviation of masses of peoples, have for the most part been scholars. 

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