Imam Khomeini advised believers to get rid of evil habits

Imam Khomeini advised believers to get rid of evil habits

Imam explained through his works that the best remedy prescribed by mystics and moralists is to concentrate upon each one of the evil habits that you detect in yourself, and offer an effective resistance against them.

Imam Khomeini explains the matter through his famous book "an exposition on Forty Hadith" as following:  

Fight bravely against your carnal self. Act unceasingly all the time against those vicious yearnings.

 Pray Almighty to assist you in this battle. Undoubtedly after sometime hideous habits would leave you, and Satan and his legions would vacate the fortress, and the battalions of heavenly armies would be installed in their stead.

One of the moral maladies, which may destroy one, cause torment of the grave, and plague man in this world, is the maltreatment of the people of his household, his neighbors, his colleagues and others around him. It is the product of passion and sensuality.

If the mujahid is determined on correcting himself, he can counter those impulses of indignation, resentment and vituperation with gentleness and kindness, remembering the Hereafter and the chastisements therein.

He should curse the Devil in his heart and take refuge in God.

I give you word that if you behave persistently like this, after some time you will realize that your nature is totally transformed and good habits have taken the place of the bad ones, Imam futher explained. 

But if you behave according to the propensities of your nature, it is possible that they consume you in this world itself.

 I seek refuge in God from the anger, which when present in an individual destroys him in both the worlds.

At the same time it kills his spirit also, because possibly one may use some indecent words against Divine principles in a fit of anger, as so many times we hear people uttering words of heresy and being guilty of apostasy thus.

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