Imam's spiritual letters contain spiritual treasures

Imam's spiritual letters contain spiritual treasures

Imam Khomeini the great religious leader of the Muslim world has rendered very precious pieces of advice and left precious spiritual divine treasures in form of mystic letters.

The valuable works left by Imam Khomeini remain like a pure tree or a word that would bear specific and fresh fruits in each era and period of time.

It has been an established tradition among the religious scholars to render their spiritual advices in form of letter to their followers. These notes were either written by the mystics without any request or sometimes they were asked for to give the followers a piece of advice. These were all containing sparkles of light or a drop from light occasion.

On the same pattern of mystics, Imam has also rendered pieces of advice to their friends, relatives and family members through sending spiritual letters.  

Imam wrote a famous letter to his son, Seyyed Ahamad Khomeini, in 1983. The historic memo contains a unique spiritual treasure and points to several monotheistic and mystic secrets.

Someone can easily explore the foundations and principles of Imam's theoretic and practical mysticism through pondering these communications.

It is evident from these memos that Imam deemed a great role for innate and human essence and he considered the mysticism inseparable from Quran and Sunnah. In addition to that, Imam also attached great significance to the genuineness of society and family, combating with lower desires and exercising sincerity thought life period. 




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