Imam Emerged as Champion of Islamic Unity

Imam Emerged as Champion of Islamic Unity

A Pakistani political analyst says that the founder of the Islamic Republic called for all Muslim nations to settle their differences and disputes and undertook serious efforts to create an unprecedented level of unity among the Muslim societies.

Seyed Hassan Askari Razavi said in an interview that Imam was not only a great source of pride for the Iranian nation, but he was most influential figure in terms of creating unity among all Muslim communities and societies.

The analyst went onto say that under the wise leadership of Imam, Iran could confront all conspiracies and plots hatched by some hostile imperial powers and emerged as triumphant despite all obstacles and hurdles.

Askari emphasized that Iran has grown stronger and emerged as a self-sufficient power in economic, education, social, political and defense fields and arenas.

The security and political analyst said that the Islamic Republic had accomplished a great level of achievement especially in term of peaceful nuclear technology and some other scientific fields.

He noted that the great Imam should be followed as a role-model by the Muslim nations and a source of academic developments and scientific expansion.

The academic said that Imam resisted a constant pressure by the West and emerged as victorious in all crisis and tough circumstances.

He invited all Muslims to follow dynamic thought by Imam in order to achieve unity and progress and pave the way of dignity and grandeur.


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