Islamic Awakening takes root from Imam's thought

Islamic Awakening Takes root from Imam's Thought

An interview with Seyed Ali Naqi, a guest of Imam Khomeini's Commemoration Ceremony from Pakistan

  • Please completely introduce yourself.

- My name is Seyed Ali Naqi from Pakistan. I work in Switzerland for a gas company, where I obtain geographic information for the country Gas Network. I received my doctorate in Geography in 2010. From the beginning, being informed of the Islamic revolution led by Imam Khomeini I was too much inspired by it.


  • How did you become familiar with Imam Khomeini's personality and his thoughts?

- Geo-strategically Pakistan is a neighboring country to Iran. As a result of the Islamic revolution Pakistani people heard Imam Khomeini's message and became familiar with this great leader of Muslim world. I am a member of Shia Community in Pakistan and therefore love all Shia Muslims especially from Iran. When Iranian people come to Pakistan, we welcome them and try to help them as our own brothers.

We make efforts to spread Imam Khomeini's message in Pakistan and follow his way and manner in our socio-political life. But the enemies of Islam such as "Takfiri" or "Wahhabi" Groups, being backed by Saudi Arabia and America, are afraid of spreading the Islamic revolution's message and, therefore, try to kill Muslims and diminish their power by dividing them into minor opposing groups.

It is my third time that I come here in Iran, but it is for the first time I attend the ceremony. The last time I went to the holy cities of Mashhad and Qom and made a pilgrimage to the holy shrines of Imam Rida and Lady Ma'soumeh, but this time I have just come to attend the ceremony being held on the departure anniversary of Imam Khomeini.


  • Thank you. In your idea, how and in what way can we safeguard the Islamic Movement from the decline?

- The Islamic Movement is only preserved by enlightening the oppressed people across the world; they must be aware of enemies' plots to diminish their power, they must remain vigilant at all times. This is actually the duty of Ulama and Islamic scholars to guide the Islamic Ummah and prevent the pure teachings of Islam from any kind of distortion and perversion. Holding global conferences like this event of great significance play a key role in enlightening and awakening ignorant and oppressed people.


  • Please more elaborate on the role of Islamic scholars in preserving Islamic awakening?

- Unfortunately some Pakistani scholars who decide to be trained in seminary schools of Qom after going to Iran prefer to stay there for years.  Some of them along with their family members live in Iran over twenty or thirty years. While they are supposed to return to the country and be a guide for young generations.


  • Do you think Islamic Awakening and Imam Khomeini's thought are related to each other?

- Yes, of course. Imam Khomeini is the founder and reviver of Islamic awakening in the region. Most of the recent developments we see in the region take root from his thought which is based on the pure teachings of Islam. However, in my perception, some of these revolutions are not totally called Islamic awakening…for example social demands of people in Turkey cannot be given the name.

In fact, none of these movements are comparable with Islamic revolution in Iran. It was unique and unprecedented during the recent centuries. The most important distinguishing feature of Islamic revolution is that it was led by Imam Khomeini, a great leader and personality who was born once throughout the entire history.


  • Thank you for joining us.

- Thank you.

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