Imam Khomeini Appreciated Modarres-style Politics

Imam Khomeini Appreciated Modarres-style Politics

Imam Khomeini the founder of the Islamic Republic used to appreciate the prominent Iranian cleric and politician Seyyed Hassan Modarres for his bold stance against aggressive and colonial powers.

The great Imam frequently used to repeat famous motto by the Martyr Ayatullah Modarres (1870-1937) that he had chanted in the Iranian Parliament during the era of Reza Shah regime.

 “Our religion is our politics and our politics is our religion.”

It is noteworthy to mention that Modarres was elected in the parliamentary elections to represent the Tehran’s people for several consecutive terms.

At very sensitive juncture of history, he also confronted conspiracies and plots which were being hatched by the colonial powers to gain dominance in the strategic important region. He also became staunch supporter of the constitutional movement which was being led by several prominent religious and intellectuals at the time.   

Modarress was an open critic of Reza Shah's rule and was sent into exile towards remote areas and at later stages placed under imprisonment in retaliation for his criticisms against the dictatorial monarchy.

Modarres was finally killed in a prison by the Pahlavi regime’s elements in December 1937. His death is regarded as martyrdom and the day is marked in Iran as “day of the parliament”.

Imam Khomeini became familiar with Modarres’ revolutionary ideas during early stages of his life. During his youth, Imam attended the certain session of parliament where Modarres used to deliver speeches on various social and political issues. He used to debate very serious regional and international issues in a very open and frank style.

Imam made vast use of Modarres’ ideas during his struggle against the Shah regime which was later led to the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979. This happened as a result of decades-long struggle by the great Imam and countless sacrifices by the Iranian nation.

Imam used to appreciate the religious figures who had taken an interdisciplinary approach towards social and political issues as well.

The Islamic Revolution in Iran strongly strengthened the Islamic nations and oppressed people around the globe. Several analysts and pundits believe that the ongoing Islamic Awakening and awareness among the oppressed nations has been inspired by Imam’s dynamic thought and his genuine Islamic teachings.

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