Imam became source of inspiration for Pakistani Muslims

Imam became source of inspiration for Pakistani Muslims

A prominent Pakistani cleric says the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran under the wise leadership of Imam blessed the Pakistani people with new spirit and brought dignity and esteem to them.

The Islamic revolution has left its deep impact on the Pakistani Muslims sine its victory in Iran more than three decades ago. They have benefitted spiritually and morally and gained a great amount of confidence. The leadership of Imam Khomeini has been remained as source of inspiration for them over the past years.

Our staff members have conducted an interview with four religious scholars who shed light on this issue of great importance.

Participants and interviewees: Syed Akhtar Hussain Naqavi who runs several Islamic seminaries and religious study centers in Pakistan, Iran and Iraq.

Ali Gohar Emani, Abdul Hafeez Mothahari and Zeeshan Mahdai were other participants who elaborated and highlighted several points in this regard. The approximate translation of their interviews comes as under: 

Question:  The victory of the Islamic revolution influenced the Pakistani Muslims. However, the colonial powers tried to undermine and counter the real achievements of the great phenomenon and created several sectarian groups to spread divide and unrest. How do you assess these events of great significance?

Syed Akhtar Hussein Naqavi: Imam Khomeini granted the Pakistani Muslims with fresh life and spirit. His revolution also gave the Muslims the esteem, dignity, respect and grandeur. We used to hide our faith before the victory of the Islamic revolution in the society, but now we feel proud of being Shia Muslims. In the same way the revolution equally brought esteem for the both Shia and Sunni Muslims.

More than thirty years after the victory, the Sunni Muslims keep and post pictures of Imam Khomeini because they consider him as their reviver and leader. It is consensual and indisputable that Imam brought dignity for all the Muslims around the globe including the subcontinent region.

Given the above-mentioned facts, the colonial powers are concerned about the development and social as well as moral advancements of Pakistani people and especially their fondness for the great Imam Khomeini. 

For an instance, look at one of Imam’s productive step about the Quds Day. The Muslim from around the world gather and hold massive rallies to raise awareness about the issue of Quds among the world community. They carry out their duty as directed by Imam Khomeini and keep Imam’s cause and mission alive and shake very basic pillars of occupied forces and colonial powers.

One of the regions which were deeply influenced was the subcontinent where people follow the Imam's school of thought and attempt to implement genuine teachings of Islam as promoted by the great Imam.

Right now, the Muslim have announced their true allegiances for Ayatollah Syed Ali Khamenei, the current supreme leader of the Islamic Revolution. He is flag bearer of the Islamic Revolution and true successor of Imam Khomeini and guiding the Muslims around the world and helping them to resolve their problems.

Ali Gohar Emani: No doubt that The Pakistani people are Muslims and their commitment to Islam are unquestionable. However, Imam introduced the real and genuine teachings of Islam and dynamic perspectives of the religion. It is quite right that Imam gave new spirit to Muslims including the Shias and Sunnis.

Several prominent Sunni clerics and scholars in Pakistan are devotees of the great Imam.


Abdul Hafeez Mothahari: Imam became so close to Pakistani people and society. He issued an emotional message on the martyrdom occasion of Syed Arif Hussein, the former Pakistani religious leader. Imam said that the loss of this personality is just as he had lost his dear son. The Islamic movement under the wise leadership of the great Imam raised awareness and awakening in Pakistan. It could bear great fruits but unfortunately some sectarian groups tried to undermine these achievements and tried to divide the Muslims. No doubt, Imam was great champion of the Islamic unity and he countered all conspiracies which were aimed at dividing Muslims.

Zeeshan Mahdai:  Imam established a successful Islamic-democratic system. Some elements within society could not appreciate this great accomplishment and started to undermine by various plots such as creating sectarian groups. Imam’s revolution was great experience to implement the practical perspectives of Islam across the Muslim world and especially in Pakistan.

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