Imam Khomeini Encouraged Christians to act upon Jesus Teachings

Imam Khomeini Encouraged Christians to act upon Jesus Teachings

The great Imam Khomeini used to encourage Christian masses and leaders to resort to pure and genuine divine teachings as promoted by the Jesus Christ, the prophet of peace and friendship.

The founder of the Islamic Republic regularly used to express his congratulations for the Christian community on eve of Christmas both during his stay in France and in the course of 1980s when he was the leader of Iran.

The great Imam also used to distribute gifts and sweets among the Christians and he had maintained very close amicable relations with residents of the Christian-majority region on the outskirts of Paris in 1978.

Some memoirs by friends say Imam had requested the Christian community to remember in their prayers the Iranian nation who were suffering under tyrant rule of the then Shah Regime.

The Christians were deeply impressed by the excellent ethical attitude of Imam and became emotionally attached to him during his stay.

 The Christians leaders also used to acknowledge and recognize the ongoing struggle undertaken by Imam against the dictatorial regime and became supporters for the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

It is wroth-mentioning that a large number of media outlets from across the globe used to converge to the Imam’s residence to conduct interview and seek his views on the ongoing world affairs.

Imam rendered his apologies for residents several times for any possible inconvenience triggered by the presence of crowds of journalists and reporters in the area.

The great leader also used to send congratulation letters to the Christian leaders across the globe and released regular messages on eve of Christmas and other religious events after the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

Imam was great supporter of the religious unity and integration among their followers in order to confront tyranny and imperialist forces.

The great leader received more than one-million letters from religious leaders, politicians, intellectuals, officials and head of states during his leadership.

Several international magazines and institutions have recorded Imam as one of the most popular and effective religious and political leaders of the world.


Imam wanted all divine religions to become united under the flag of monotheism and defend the oppressed people against the colonial powers.

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