Islamic Revolution Deeply Rooted in Monotheism: Imam Khomeini

Islamic Revolution Deeply Rooted in Monotheism: Imam Khomeini

The founder of the Islamic Revolution once said that the Islamic-democratic system in Iran has had very deep roots in monotheism and attaches great significance to divine values.

Imam once told an international reporter of the Times Magazine that our revolution has gained strength and momentum due to monotheism.

According to Imam, monotheism teaches us to announce our submission only to God the Almighty and snub any type of aggression by exploiters and colonial powers.

The cause behind the social and moral decline of some societies is due to their submission and surrender to colonial power, the great Imam said.

The great leader of the Islamic world also called for all the Muslim and oppressed nations to become united under the flag of monotheism and struggle against those who are exploiting their nations and resources.

Imam went onto say that politics, culture and values are closely associated and inseparable from the divine religion of Islam in our society.

Imam also said that Islam has only preference for piety and piousness and divine religions confront any type of inequality such as discrimination, poverty and racism. 

The great Imam founded a system which changed balance of power in interest of oppressed and Muslim nations in the Middle East region and across the globe.

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