Bahman Celebrates Morality's Victory over Evil Powers

Bahman Celebrates Morality's Victory over Evil Powers

The arrival of auspicious month of Bahman on the Iranian calender reminds us of the victory of the Islamic Revolution and triumphant of moral powers on vicious monarchy and colonial powers under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini.

The victory of Islamic Revolution changed balance of power and challenged dominance of colonial powers across the strategic region of Middle East and several other regions.

Imam Khomeini announced his readiness to extend help for all Muslims and oppressed nations in several fields including scientific, social, academic, and education arenas.

The founder of the Islamic Republic snubbed all colonial powers of the East and West and called for all nations of the world to gain real independence and freedom. He also emphasized that the fate and destiny of the nations should be determined by the masses and public themselves.

The Islamic Revolution strengthened human, social and moral values and confronted all type of nastiness and cruelty. Imam Khomeini invited all world and religious leaders to adopt path of moderation and show mutual respects to rights of the other nations.

Imam Khomeini wanted the world to experience a balanced international system where rights of all stratums are observed and moral values take over the materialistic desires. He warned the world against the risks of falling the human societies into pits of social and moral decline.

Imam Khomeini has had a comprehensive personality as he was a philosopher, mystic, jurisprudent and a man of principals and moral. He could quickly notice the fractures and dents existed in the international systems which were being controlled by certain powers and elites.

The great spiritual leader wanted the each member of international community to participate and play a role and feel its real statues.

Imam’s spiritual personality and his moderate views impressed the masses and elites and he was widely respected around the globe.  Several analysts believe that the current awakening across Middle, North Africa, Latin America and several other regions of the world is being inspired by Imam’s dynamic spiritual thought.

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