Imam Khomeini Enunciated Victory of  Islamic Revolution

Imam Khomeini Enunciated Victory of Islamic Revolution

Imam Khomeini, the great leader of Muslim World, in a letter to Muhammad Yazdi had enunciated victory of the Islamic Revolution.

In His Most Exalted Name

Thank you for your noble missive which carried the news of your good health and a show of your kindness to me. The resistance of the esteemed learned men of the Qum theological school and their show of patience in relation to the young generation's hardships results in full hope in the continuance of their grandeur.

The uprising of the men of truth from the pre-Islamic eras and since the advent of Islam has been accompanied by grave problems that make the problems of you respected gentlemen and the pressures from the cruel regime vis-a-vis those easy. Nevertheless, under the circumstances and the problems both in- and out-side, I should offer my thanks for your resistance. I am self-assured of and promise you gentlemen of nearing victory, whether I will see it happen in my lifetime or not.

The fire that is lit in the center of chests and hearts is not going to be distinguished. Or, at east, it will not subside soon and it is possible that you all will witness its huge explosion.

" Let them perish those who perish from insight and let them survive those who live on upon their insight." Do not be disappointed and do not despair; be strong and invigorate others and admonish them to be patient and seek the truth. God is with you. May peace be upon you.

March 1968

Rouhullah al-Mousawi al-Khomeini

Sahifeh-ye Imam, vol. 2, p. 176.

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