Imam Khomeini slammed Israeli crimes in Lebanon and Palestine

Imam Khomeini slammed Israeli crimes in Lebanon and Palestine

The founder of the Islamic Republic denounced the aggressions and crimes committed by the Israeli regime in South Lebanon and Palestine.

Imam Khomeini also appealed the Muslim nations to pay attention toward the plight of these Muslim nations and the problems facing the Middle-East region. 

The great leader of the Muslim world also urged a united stance against so-called super powers that were supporting unconditionally the Zionist crimes against humanity.

The great Imam also strongly condemned those puppet leaders of some Islamic countries who remained indifferent towards the problems and hurdles facing the Muslim world.

It is noteworthy that Israel had occupied large parts of south Lebanon and was forced to withdraw its forces later years due to continuous Islamic resistance. Israel still occupies Palestine and frequently commits aggressions and acts of war against the Lebanese and Palestinian nation.

Imam’s historic message in this regard comes as following:




Date: March 22, 1978 [Farvardin 2, 1357 AHS / Rabi ath-Thani 12, 1398 AH]

Place: Najaf, Iraq

Occasion: The Zionist regime’s attack on South Lebanon

Addressees: The Muslims of Iran and the world



In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


Lebanon’s regrettable situation and the suffering imposed on our
oppressed brothers-in-faith in south of the country has caused much anguish
and sorrow. At present the large and well-equipped army of tens of thousands
of the professional criminals of Israel—that nucleus of mischief—with the
help of their weapons, cannons, tanks and warplanes, have taken control of
the southern areas of the country, the heartland of our brothers-in-faith,
driving the oppressed inhabitants away, destroying their homes and setting
fire to their farms. The Islamic governments are often indifferent, and
perhaps accomplices, to the atrocities taking place, or are occupied with
meetings and inconclusive negotiations, leaving the brave Palestinian
crusaders alone in their valiant confrontation with Israel. Perhaps this shows
a conspiracy between the super powers.  At present, our brothers and their
homeless children are in great torment and face many dangers. It is essential
that the benevolent Muslims, especially the noble people of Iran who lead in
charitable deeds, bestir themselves and rush to the succor of the homeless
refugees, assisting them with whatever means possible. With a sense of duty
before the Exalted Lord, they should not stint any kind of respectable help. In
case they wish to make use of the blessed Share of the Imam (A) for the
refugees and the war-stricken people, they are permitted to do so up to one-
third. It is hoped that the heads of the Islamic governments, especially the
Arab ones, strive jointly to repulse Israel, this mass of mischief. If they fail to
do so, there is the possibility, God forbid, of such an eventuality arising in
countries of similar type. I pray to the Exalted Lord to sever the hands of the
foreigners and their supporters. I also pray for the independence of Islamic
countries. May peace be upon those who follow the guidance.


Ruhullah al-Musawi al-Khomeini

Rabi ath-Thani 12, 1398 AH




(Sahifeh-e-Imam, Vol 3, p 372)



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