Hundreds of Foreign Guests Set to Attend Imam Khomeini Anniversary

Hundreds of Foreign Guests Set to Attend Imam Khomeini Anniversary

The head of international department of the institute says more than three hundreds of foreign dignitaries including cultural, academic personalities and journalists are expected to attend this year’s commemoration ceremony of Imam Khomeini.

Dr. Mohammad Moghaddam made announcement during a news briefing in Tehran.

The senior official from the institute for compilation and publication of Imam Khomeini said that necessary coordination and arrangements have been made with the Iranian foreign ministry, Islamic Culture and Relations Organization, Iranian embassies and cultural centers to facilitate their arrival.

Hojjat al-Islam Moghaddam also said that competent, literate and famous figure are picked and selected with cooperation of various institutions from different regions of the world to attend the 25th commemoration anniversary of Imam Khomeini’s heavenly departure.

The official also noted that necessary correspondences have been done with the Iranian embassies in different countries for issuance of free visa entry visas for the honorable guests.

He also added that necessary contracts have been signed with Iran Air, Mahan and some other airlines to gain concession of 50 percent on international tickets for the invited personalities.   

Dr. Moghaddam also went onto say that necessary arrangements are also made for entry of a large number of guest through land borders from neighboring countries such as India, Pakistan and Pakistan.    

The official said that various cultural and academic programs are devised for the foreign figures attending the ceremony during their stay in the Islamic Republic.

It is also noteworthy that the foreign guests will stay in famous hotels of Laleh and Kauthar in the Iranian capital, Tehran.

The guests will also have a special and exclusive meeting and seating with the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani during their stay in Tehran, the official said. 

An international summit will also be held on “weapons of mass destruction and Imam Khomeini’s views in this regard” with close coordination of institute and strategic studies center of the Iranian foreign ministry in Tehran.

A summit will also be held on mysticism and Imam Khomeini’s view in this regard and will be attended by 27 Lebanese scholars.

After decades of struggle, the Islamic revolution under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini emerged to victory. The Islamic-democratic system establish by the great Imam brought great status and confidence to the Iranian nation and rest of the Islamic world.

The analysts believe that Imam Khomeini restored dignity to the whole Muslim world and the oppressed nations around the globe. 

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