Interview with Dr. Sagheb, a famous Pakistani physician

Imam Khomeini Revived Islam: Pakistani Physician

A famous physician says Imam Khomeini was a leader figure who revived and promoted pure teachings of Islam after a historical gap.

Dr. Sagheb, a reputed Pakistani physician made the remarks during an interview on Sunday in the Iranian capital, Tehran.

He says Imam is a renowned figure in the entire world and the youth of his country are deeply influenced by Imam's dynamic thought.

Following teachings and instructions of Imam is the only solution to the hurdles facing the Islamic world, Dr. Sagheb added.

The reputed physician went onto say that Imam by resorting to God returned dignity and honor to Muslim Ummah.

The Muslim physician also said that Imam Khomeini revived pure Islamic teachings which had been exposed to deviation and distortion by enemies of Islam and the holy prophet.

Emphasizing the significance of promoting Imam's teachings and instructions for future generations the physician said the scholarly works and books of Imam were highly appreciated by the academic and intellectuals of Pakistan.

The reputed physician concluded that the Islamic Republic founded by Imam Khomeini is the source of inspiration for most of the recent regional revolutions.


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