Nigerian Scholars Deliver Lectures on Imam Khomeini

Nigerian Scholars Deliver Lectures on Imam Khomeini

The Leader of the Nigeria’s Islamic Movement Sheikh Zakzaky has delivered a closing lecture for a ten-day long ceremony on Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Prior to his lecture on 8th of June in the Nigerian city of Zaria - , various topics were discussed by invited scholars during the 10-day program.

Sheikh Zakzaky said, Imam Khomeini passed on 4th of June 1989, and had lived a blessful life  and rose up at a certain juncture of history when the Muslim and oppressed people of  had become disappointed and lost hope. 

The Imam rekindled the hope in hearts of both Muslims and non-Muslims. Not only that , the Sheikh said, the Imam also engineered the revolution and even lived ten years after in which he guided the Ummah.

The Imam showed the world the true meaning of politics as opposed to the type of politics practiced by corrupt people. The Imam showed the entire world that since politics is to do with shouldering the trust of people with regard to their lives, wealth and pride, it is supposed to be shouldered by religious men(men of God). He further said that separation of Religion from Politics is the barrier  which Imam Khomeini removed through his da'awah.

In another part of his Speech Sheikh explained the sufferings of Imam Khomeini and his followers in the hands of Shah and and Savak secret armies. Imam exile in Iraq, Turkey and France were explained by the Sheikh as well as his subsequent victorious return to Iran in 1979 and establishment of Islamic-democratic state and comprehensive system.

The Iranian scientific and technological development were all the result and outcome of the success of revolution, the prominent cleric said.

The Imam's ideology is a living one and it will continue to thrive and 'even here we are blessed with understanding of this ideology and Da'awah'.

Sheikh Zakzaky further said whosoever sees Imam's affair as a scheme or anything else other than the work of God should check his mental faculty. The effects of Imam Work can be seen everywhere as even Nigeria has become home for Imam ideology.

The latest developments come as Imam Khomeini thought are increasingly becoming popular across the African continent and several other regions across the globe.

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