Mother of Revolution exercised great wisdom and patience

Mother of Revolution exercised great wisdom and patience

Lady Khadija Thaghafi, the dear wife of Imam Khomeini was blessed with great sincerity and wisdom, and she exercised great patience during tough years of struggle which lead to the victory of the Islamic revolution in 1979.

Imam and lady Khadija Thaghafi got married in the month of Ramadan in 1929.

Late Lady Khadija Thaghafi has described through her memories that the founder of the Islamic Republic exercised a great amount of patience and tolerance during all tough years of struggle and following the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

Lady Khadija Thaghafi frequently appreciated the great ethical norms practiced by the great spiritual leader within and outside the family environment.

The wise lady noted that the great leader never imposed his own will on any of family members or friends.

The great lady said Imam had given her and all family members a great deal of liberation and all were free to buy or eat of their own choices and styles.

The great leader of the Islamic world had only demanded her to perform obligatory worships and fulfill religious obligations. He never demanded too much extra or beyond expectations regarding the worldly and religious affairs, Lady Khadija noted.

The Imam’s wife went on to say that following the speech about capitalism by Imam, the Shah Regime forces raided the house in order to arrest the great leader. The troops poured into house from over the walls and kept knocking and breaking the door.

At that time Lady Khadija was standing in the yard and became a little bit frightened. Then Imam came out of the room confidently and advised the regime forces to remain calm and not disturb the comfort of his family.

Imam delivered some keys to me and went ahead with troops with calm and peace without bring traumatized or allowing any fear to prevail, the Lady Khadija recalled.

The troops had pointed their guns towards Khadija and asked not to get closer the Imam, but she also displayed all dignity and patience in these difficult moments.

The great spouse of Imam remained with Imam during years of exile and never gave him up for a single moment in thick or thin times.

After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, several officials and dignitaries’ families paid visits to Imam’s house and she along with her family visited their homes. She never became tried of fulfilling her responsibilities. She always avoided nepotism, favoritism or siding lines in politics. Imam always used to praise her sacrifices and services she rendered to family and the revolution.

The lady Khadija described one of  the most difficult and tough times of her life when the great leader of the Islamic world Imam Khomeini passed away and departed to heavens. She stood by her children and the revolution after the Imam’s passing away.

Late Lady Khadija is known as mother of the Islamic Revolution and her sacrifices are hailed and appreciated by all the entire Iranian nation and divine people around the world.

Biography of Lady Khadija Saqafi, Imam Khomeini’s Dear Wife 

The great Imam’s wife was very intelligent, and showed great interest in pursuing her studies. After their marriage, Imam taught her seminary studies for fifteen years. He always encouraged his wife to study and helped her a great deal.

Imam's wife brought her children up well. She made sure that the children respected their father and provided an environment which allowed her children and Imam to excel in every aspect. In return Imam Khomeini himself insisted that his children respect their mother and made sure the children looked up to her.

Imam's wife was a real and sincere religious woman. The lady of the revolution was a wise and patient woman. If some ones pay attention to her patience, they easily finds that it was with great wisdom.

 She knew of the ultimate goal they wanted to achieve and so she endured great difficulties.

At home, Lady Khadija provided a peaceful and stress-free environment for the great leader when the movements against the Pahlavi regime began in 1962. When the great religious and spiritual leader of the Muslim world was arrested in 1963, his wife showed great tolerance and their home became a place where many concerned people visited.

 Sayyid Mustafa's martyrdom while they were in exile, was a very bitter and sorrowful experience for Imam and his wife. When the revolution was finally victorious lady Khadija's sorrow multiplied as her son was not there to witness this great success.

 After the revolution, Imam Khomeini's wife provided a calm and suitable environment for the people interested in visiting Imam Khomeini at his home.

She passed the many tests that God set her throughout her life with persistence and showed outstanding patience throughout great hardships.

Finally in 2007 she passed away and widely respected by the devotees of the Islamic Revolution.


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