Imam Khomeini hailed historical role of prophet’s grandson

Imam Khomeini hailed historical role of prophet’s grandson

The founder of the Islamic Republic frequently praised historical role of Imam Hassan (PBUH), the grandson of the holy prophet of Islam in uniting the Muslim community and securing pure genuine Islamic teachings at very sensitive juncture of history.

In the mid of the month of Ramadan, the 3rd year of Hijrah, a son was born in house of Hazrat Ali (PBUH). Imam Hassan was brought up in the lap of his father Hazrat Ali  and his mother Fatima Zahra (peace be upon them) and learnt lessons from the school of his grandfather Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

According to a saying of the prophet of Islam, Imam Hassan and Imam Hussain (peace be upon them) are the Lords of the youth of Heaven.

The founder of the Islamic Republic highlighted the pious character of Imam Hassan in great detail and frequently paid tributes to the elder grandson of prophet of Islam. 

"The time has come for me to submit the deposit of God to Him," Imam Hassan frequently said. 

Imam Hassan was the most pious, devout and ascetic worshiper and adorer of God. Whenever he went to Mecca for pilgrimage, he would go walking on foot. 

Historical narratives say whenever he performed ablution or stood for his prayers he saw himself in the court of God and his body started trembling When he came to mosque, he would raise his head, in the prayer place, towards the sky and say, "Oh God this is your guest standing in your court. Your defaulter servant has come towards you. And he hopes that you will forgive his bad deeds, by virtue of your kindness and forgiveness."

Imam Khomeini frequently maintained that Imam Hassan taught humanity a practical lesson, to live in peace, which is a key to salvation in this world and hereafter.

The founder of the Islamic Republic underscored the role of Imam Hassan (PBUH) for the cause of Islam and efforts which were made by him for the unity of masses at that time.

Imam Khomeini frequently invited the world community to follow footsteps of the holy prophet of Islam and his infallible successors to attain prosperity in this world and salvation hereafter. 

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