Imam Khomeini Pursued Dignity & Salvation for Humanity: Dr. Moghaddam

Imam Khomeini Pursued Dignity & Salvation for Humanity: Dr. Moghaddam

A prominent internationally reputed scholar says the founder of the Islamic Republic was pursuing freedom, social justice and dignity for the whole humanity and wanted to relieve them from clutches of all ill-wishing powers.

Dr. Mohammad Moghaddam, the head of international affairs of the institute said in an interview with Imam Khomeini website that Imam Khomeini views about human and religion was unique and unprecedented.

The scholar noted that Imam believed that human were divine governor and successors and should decorated themselves with God’s attribute such as mercy and kindness. 

The intellectual went onto say that there was a main difference between the enlighten movement in the West and the great move led by the great Imam.  The Western leaders were putting freedom and human rights at first place and considering divine values as secondary.  However, Imam sought spirituality, freedoms, human rights altogether and thought all as complementary elements and necessary for perfection of humanity.

During the renaissance and enlightenment periods the man, freedoms and rights became central theme of the discussion and God was placed on the other side.  However, form Imam Khomeini’s views these all were inseparable, the intellectual said.

All Islamic scholars including Imam believed that human beings have right to choose and human are seeking justice, divine values, freedoms and equalities as part of their instinct nature. Imam believed the religion and divine values largely contributes in materializing their potentials. From Imam Khomeini’s viewpoint the religion, human rights and freedoms don’t stand in contradiction to each other.

Imam’s unique approach towards religion and Islam was so impressive and it attracted millions of followers of different schools of thought.

If right comprehension and understanding is presented in accordance with legitimate needs of society then it would be welcomed by the people and societies.  If a reading from religion is promoted which falls short of fulfilling the legitimate needs of people as it happened in West by the Church government. Such approach would be doomed to failure as it happened in the West.

For an instance, the women were used as a tool and became a doll to advance and further agenda of capitalism which led to collapse of foundations of family in the West. However, Imam wanted to bless women with legitimate freedoms and asked them to participate in all areas of life and play greater role in progress of society, Dr. Moghaddam added.

Hojjat al-Islam Moghaddam also said that Imam Khomeini was a great expert on Islamic affairs and has had well command over Islamic sciences including Quranic interpretation, jurisprudence, philosophy, mysticism and several other fields.

Citing to famous Pakistani scholar, Allama Iqbal’s views, Dr Moghaddam said that there was a fundamental difference between prophet approach and a mystic. A mystic becomes isolated and put himself to corner after enjoying divine teachings and values. However, prophet is assigned to preach people after touching heights of heavens. The intellectual cited following verse of Quran in this regard:

“O, You who have wrapped yourself in a cloack. Arise and proclaim the warning publicity.”

Dr. Moghaddam concluded that Imam Khomeini attached great significance to people and maintained close ties with masses and sought their contribution in all arenas and fields of life.

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