Imam Khomeini sought amicable ties with nations

Imam Khomeini sought amicable ties with nations

Iran Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham says the founder of the Islamic Republic wanted to maintain deep and meaningful ties with nations along with their governments.

Speaking to Jamaran news agency, Afkham said Imam's approach towards establishing relations towards other countries was too all-inclusive and comprehensive.

She went onto say that the great Imam did not only suffice to establishing diplomatic relations with the governments, but maintain direct cultural ties with the masses and communities, the spokeswoman added.

The great Imam had drawn basic principles and guidelines of Iran's foreign policy by expanding cultural, economic and political ties with nations and masses, Afkham noted.

By following footsteps of founder of the Islamic Republic, all employees, officials and diplomats have been recommended to do their best to expand international relations with other governments and nations at all levels, the spokeswoman emphasized.

From Imam's viewpoints, establishing ties with nations would not be meant disregarding of governments, or improving relations with government shouldn't result in ignoring nations, the spokeswoman said.

Afkham concluded that increasing awareness, accurate flow of information and transparency about Iran's foreign policy was vital.

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