Najaf Holds International Summit on Imam Khomeini

Najaf Holds International Summit on Imam Khomeini

An Iraqi research center affiliated to religious seminaries in close coordination with regional institution is set to hold an international summit on dynamic political thought of late Imam Khomeini and senior cleric Ayatollah Ali Sistani.

Al Huda  with close coordination of  other academic, religious and  culture institutes are will hold an international summit on the dynamic political thought of these great personalities.

The summit will scheduled in coming months t is expected to be attended by the Iranian and scholars from around the globe. Several experts on eastern studies will also participate in the summit of great significance.

Several research articles will be sending to the secretariat of the summit which covers a variety of topics regarding the revolution and the dynamic thought of the founder of the Islamic Republic and Ayatollah Sistani.

Meanwhile, scholars will deliver speeches and articles at the summit. The analysts say the movement led by Imam Khomeini is too much dynamic as it continues to influence the nations and raising awareness among them.

The scholars maintain that Imam Khomeini thought and teachings can prevent nations from falling into pits of social and moral decline.

Several analysts and pundits believe that the great Imam’s thought have revived the genuine spiritual teachings and empowered the movements of oppressed nations in different parts of the world in our contemporary era.

Imam Khomeini is widely loved and his works are widely welcomed by Iranians and several nations across the world. Dozens of Imam’s academic works have been translated to several foreign languages over the past few years.


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